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Franchising is a new stage in the development of your business! The franchise allows you to find new partners, attract investments for brand development and increase competitiveness in the market.
After reviewing your request, "Tot" Company offer franchise development services.
The name of services and prices are provided below:
term: 21-28 days
Development of a franchise package
The franchise package is the main part of the franchise, which consists of the company's standards that are used in franchising:

- Manual for Franchisee (partner/franchise buyer)

You can view the content here;

- Manual for Franchiser (head office/franchise seller)

You can view the content here;

- Franchise's cost calculation (Lump sum and royalty);

- Consulting of sales system and the franchise agreement development.


- Standard franchising agreement

- Video interview about business and franchise, posting it on the executor's YouTube channel (remotely in zoom or on site if the Customer is in Almaty)

term: 14 days
Information document for employees and partners (brand book - presentation about the company)
This is a document with a list of laws and rules governing the life of a brand, both from the standpoint of an idea and from the point of view of the methodology for expressing this idea.
You can view the content here
$ 800
term: 14 days
Corporate identity guide

Technical document, which prescribes the principles of logo placement, typography, corporate colors and other technical aspects for the production of printing and other items with branded identification marks from the design of business cards to the branding of office interiors, etc.

You can view the content here

$ 1000
term: 14 days
Marketing kit
Presentation Document for Franchise Sale
Presentation about a franchise, which can be demonstrated during meetings, sent to potential partners and during selling a franchise.
You can view the content here
2-3 hours
Franchise Development Consulting
When ordering a franchise package development service, the consultation fee will be deducted from the cost of the work
  • 2-3 hours of live consultation
  • Analysis and analysis of franchises in your niche
  • A plan for developing a franchise model in your business
  • Answers "without water" on franchising


- A book about franchising in electronic format

- Recording a consultation and providing a link to re-viewing


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